You Should Be Happy With Whatever It Was I Gave You

Bitter Tom
Bitter Tom

Is this the thanks I get?  I go out of my way, getting you a gift from a store, and now you act like I didn’t do anything.

I’m not romantic, am I?  So Jack’s wife got flowers and a dinner out, so what?  You didn’t you get enough for your birthday?  If it’s such a bad gift, maybe I should just take back whatever it was.

I remember it very specifically.  It was $39 before taxes, and I had to walk all over that store.  I had it for you the very day of your birthday, not a day late.  I didn’t even finish my round of golf that day.  Sure, it was raining, but just a drizzle.

So it wasn’t wrapped, now I gotta get you a gift, and wrap it? It didn’t buy itself, did it?  It was a jacket.  You told me that you wanted a jacket from that store, and that’s what I got.  No, wait, that was another year.

But that’s another point, I buy you something ever year.  You have a birthday every single year, and I’m out at least $40-$50 or so for you.  I ran out of ideas years ago.

It was one of those computer picture frames, the iPod one.  And it was way more than $39, it was ridiculous.  And I don’t even know what the point was when you don’t even look at all the slides we have.  Oh right, that’s what you got for me.

My tee time is coming up, so I gotta get going. I’m going to try out the new putter I got you – that’s what it was, the putter.

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  1. Yeah, “Kippy,” get a nose hair trimmer. Trust me, at my age I keep one in every room of the house.

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