Movie Reminds People Sitting In Front of Large Screen How Much Time They Waste Sitting in Front of Small Screens

PLANO, TX – The highly acclaimed new movie “The Social Network” is causing the social media users it portrays to reconsider their online activities.  The movie, which tells the story of the founding of Facebook, is being widely viewed by millions of Facebook’s own users.

The Social Network

Reviews of the movie from the audience were largely positive, with many relating the story to their own lives.  “I was sitting and watching the movie, and I couldn’t help think about how much time I spend sitting and clicking, or typing” said one Plano teen.

“This was much more relaxing, just sitting and watching is easier for sure.  It also frees up my hands for eating.”

Their were many different views from the audience of how social media usage was affecting their lives.

“I liked watching stuff on a big screen.  I done with wasting time on a small screen.” said another teen upon viewing the movie.  “Think how cool my Facebook profile pic would look on a screen that big.  You could probably see my mustache growing in.”