Golden-Voiced Ted Williams Inspires New Show, “America’s Homeless Got Talent”

COLUMBUS, OH – The internet sensation of the former homeless man Ted Williams has now inspired the development of a new television show. The popular video of the “golden-voiced” former radio announcer led television producers to work up a new reality show, “America’s Homeless Got Talent.”

Ted Williams One-Ups Other Less Fortunate Individuals
Ted Williams One-Ups Other Less Fortunate Individuals

The show will be similar to the existing show, “America’s Got Talent,” however, instead of showcasing the talents of Americans who do not live on the streets, the show will feature and exploit the homeless.

“I feel like these homeless people have been holding out on us – big time,” said co-producer Darren Stone. “Well, we’re onto you, homeless people.”

“The success of Ted Williams made us realize America’s definitely ready for more homeless-based reality programmming,” said one network executive.  “There’s an audience out there that’s ready to sit down and watch an hour long show featuring the same people they pretend don’t exist when the walk past them.”

At the end of each show, the winner of each show will be given a round of applause and a high five as they pass through the exit on their way back to the streets.