Study: Adults Free and Clear on Education Budget Cuts As It’s Not Like They Go to School Anyway

AUSTIN, TX – A new study released has determined that proposed Texas school spending cuts won’t affect the majority of adults as most schools are targeted towards educating kids. The news is sure to be a relief to adults who may have been worried about the budget cuts under discussion by the state legislature.

An adult unaffected by school budget cuts
Education budget cuts haven’t affected pizza deliveries or naps

“All these spending cuts were bumming me out. But it’s good to know that I won’t really notice them,” said one Arlington adult.

“I guess if we gotta cut spending I’d rather it be something that doesn’t affect me.”

A researcher conducting the study remembered that after graduating from Texas Tech, he had stopped going to school. He discovered that in fact most adults surveyed were not in school, including some that hadn’t been in decades.

Given the study’s findings, it’s expected that adults can stop worrying about the budget cuts. Some adults will undoubtedly regret their time spent protesting the measures upon realizing they don’t even go to school.

“At first I was worried about student-teacher ratios, but then I realized that I work at Ikea, and we don’t have teachers – just affordable Swedish furniture,”┬ásaid Trevor Weiler of Frisco.

Kindergarten through 12th grade schools in fact are largely full of kids, so the issue mostly relates to them. The study also shows that the same kids that would be affected by the possible cuts aren’t even paying attention to the ongoing legislative session.

“Maybe this will serve as a wake-up call to third graders coasting through life,” said Grapevine retiree Joni Rudolph.

As a solution to the issue, some state officials have suggested that the budget cuts would be a lot easier if most kids would take some time off from school and “chill out” until the economy improves.