Rest of Nation Pretty Sure UT Won the Rose Bowl

PASADENA, CA – While the TCU football team made school history by winning the Rose Bowl, fans across the nation credited the victory to the University of Texas. Unaware of TCU’s recent football success, fans simply assumed that the Texas team playing Wisconsin was perennial football powerhouse UT.

TCU Confusion
The unmistakable Texas Longhorn mascot

There were many clues missed by fans as to the identity of Wisconsin’s opponent. The different school names, the different mascots, and different team colors somehow went unnoticed. Even up close, many remained confused, such as a fan who led his son to meet the TCU mascot, insisting that he “shake hands with the reptilian purple steer.”

“Colt McCoy looked pretty good out there today,” said Wisconsin fan Sharon Johnson, who felt that UT should have been playing for the national title. “It looked like they made a big typo in the end zone though. I can’t believe no one caught that.”

Conversly, a number of fans nationwide also were unaware that Wisconsin played in the game as well. Many were fairly certain that Ohio State was the loser of the contest.

“Yet another classic Rose Bowl. I really enjoyed watching Texas beat Ohio State this year.” said one LA resident in attendance. “I didn’t understand all the badger and frog references, but whatever.”