Neighborhood’s Ultra-Conservative Crying Mormon Conspiracy Theorist Worried About Being Overshadowed By Glenn Beck

Crazy Dude on a Bike

WESTLAKE, TX – The impending arrival of popular television political commentator Glenn Beck into a North Texas neighborhood has local crackpot Wes Edwards worried.

Right-wing crying conspiracy theorist mormon
Edwards enjoying a sunny day on his bike with a good sweat and a good cry

“Who am I now if I’m not the neighborhood’s right-wing crying Mormon conspiracy theorist? That was my whole deal,” said Edwards.

While Edwards has never had a television or radio show to express his views as Beck has, he is known to stand on street corners and loudly rail against topics such as the government, judges, drugs, aliens, and the amount he sweats from standing on corners.

While there may be some superficial similarities between the two men, Edwards still feels he has a lot to offer the neighborhood.

“His conspiracy theories are weak. Mine are much better,” he noted. “Not only do I think the moon landing was staged, I think the whole moon is a hologram. And I believe that shit.”