Dallas Home to Yet Another Non-Spinning Restaurant

Spinning and Not

DALLAS, TX – A new eatery has opened in the Bishop Arts area of Dallas, offering a fare of Tex-Mex and a full bar. While the food and service at Dave’s Tacos has been well-received, the atmosphere leaves something to be desired as the restaurant itself does not revolve while you eat.

A non-spinning Dallas restaurant
A booth sits empty at Dave’s Tacos, which probably would be full if the place was spinning around

Dave’s joins the growing host of Dallas’ stationary dining options. While the non-spinning options continue to grow for residents, Reunion Tower’s Five Sixty continues its stranglehold on the rotating restaurant market.

“My boyfriend and I sat down at our table and it felt like the restaurant was broken – like we needed to stick a quarter in it to get it moving,” said Five Sixty frequenter Louisa Levin. “I couldn’t even finish my flautas.”

When asked why he chose to enter the already crowded non-spinning restaurant field, the owner of the new Dave’s Tacos admitted disappointment with its shortcomings.

“I looked into rotating building plans, but the costs were just too high,” said Dave Montero. “We even thought about something like a gyroscope – I think the centrifugal force would keep the food on your plate. Now that would be fine dining. Anyway, come to Dave’s Tacos I guess.”

Many other locals were dismayed to learn that the new establishment would be motionless.

“Something needs to be done about this,” said one Dallas resident. “We’re a mere 1 spinning restaurant ahead of Fort Worth.”