Whataburger Assistant Managers Set Aside Differences in the Name of Food Service


DENTON, TX – Whataburger employees Mike Childers and Luke McGowan overlooked their recent conflicts to come together as coworkers yesterday. After some self-reflection, the two assistant managers realized that their common goal of food service was more important than their differences as people. The end result of their decision paid off for customers as another day of quality service was delivered.

Whataburger Employees Overcome Differences
Luke and Mike realized that both prefer Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings to Return of the King

Mike and Luke’s interactions had grown more abrasive over the past few weeks, coming to a head in an argument over French fry cooking temperatures. The fry argument was just one of many topics they’ve bickered over, as they had disagreements on everything from sports and movies to the best way to organize a closet. As tension spread to everyone behind the counter during the most recent spat, it was clear to Mike that they needed to clear the air or service would begin to suffer.

“I let myself cool off for a minute, then I went up to Luke, and in a calm tone of voice told him, ‘Look at us, man. We’ve lost sight of why were here. Food service.”

They agreed to meet halfway in the middle on the temperature of the oil. Then they made the deal official with a handshake and split a chocolate brownie pie.

While some fellow coworkers were surprised at how the incident worked out, others saw it coming.

“Mike and Luke are pros. When the game is on the line, you can count on them to come through,” said veteran employee Olivia Beck. “And that’s what they did; they hit a game-winning double with two outs in the ninth and half a dozen people in line at register 2.”

“No two assistant managers are the same,” said Luke of the incident. “I’ve got my opinions, and he’s got his. We can work it out though because at the end of the day, we both just want what’s best for the customer, and we both like brownies shaped like pies.”