Bush Steadily Stocking Up for Presidential Library at Half Price Books

George Bush at Library

DALLAS, TX – In preparation for the groundbreaking of his Presidential Library, former President George W. Bush has recently been spotted at area bookstores purchasing large volumes of books.  He and his Secret Service detail have been hustling through several Half Price Books locations and loading up Bush’s SUV throughout the past few days.

George Bush Thumbs Through a Stack of Books for Signs of Wear and Tear
Bush thumbs through a stack of books looking for doodles and bent corners

“I’ve been loading up the car each run.  Seats, floors, luggage rack on the roof, I go until it’s jam packed so we can cut down on return trips,” said Bush.  “I’m not just grabbing books, I’ve picked up CDs, DVDs, quality magazines, and a few word-a-day calendars even.”

The George W. Bush Presidential Library broke ground in Dallas this month, and the pressure of filling the library with materials has sped up Bush’s purchasing plans.

His initial plans were to simply order everything off his Amazon Wishlist and have the items shipped in.  When he realized his list hadn’t topped 100 books, he had to make a change in plans.

“Laura and I were up all night scratching price labels off of these. I think she a little annoyed that I’ve gone the used route, but you try buying 10,000 books on a budget.”

So far Bush has all but filled his history and sociology sections, but is far short in the fiction, fine arts, and science genres.  The fiction section is recovering from earlier setbacks when it was discovered that they had accidentally collected a dozen copies of the Michael Crichton novel “Congo.”