As Expected, Dallas Mavericks Sweep Defending Champion L.A. Lakers

DALLAS, TX – Just as everyone expected they would, the Dallas Mavericks roundly defeated the L.A. Lakers four games to zero to advance in the NBA playoffs.

Mavericks beat Lakers as expected
Mavericks players enjoy watching the t-shirt launching crew as a reprieve from their boredom

“Everyone knows about the historical greatness of the Mavericks. When people think of great NBA franchisees and players, it doesn’t take long before the Mavs and players like Mike Iuzzolino, Shawn Bradley, and Samaki Walker come to mind,” said owner Mark Cuban.

With the outcome of the games so certain, many Mavericks fans were already looking ahead to the future before the series concluded.

“It’s playoff time, so as a Mavs fan you just know that means good things. I didn’t even watch the Laker games since they were obviously going to win,” said one fan from Mansfield.

“Most likely, I won’t even pay attention to them until the day of the victory parade. I’ve already got my spot camped out so I’ll have a good view.”

Mavericks fans and players weren’t the only ones unsurprised by their success; even the Lakers’ players knew what was in store for them.

“We knew this was the end for us going in,” said Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant. “I already had a vacation booked for right after game 4. In fact, the only thing in my locker is my suitcase all packed and ready for Europe. After every timeout was called, I kept hoping the line at airport security would be short.”