Students Pass Arlington Teacher’s Orgy Class with Flying Colors

Student Clothes

ARLINGTON, TX – Arlington teacher Brittni Colleps went above and beyond the normal duties of her position to offer an extracurricular class on orgies for a select group of students. Furthermore, the five students who attended Mrs. Collep’s orgy class showed their appreciation of the opportunity by resoundingly passing the class.

Students in the orgy class celebrate their academic achievements

Coming at a time when budgets are being cut and teachers are being laid off, many consider this teacher to be a role model for taking matters into her own hands to ensure students are well versed in the “four R’s” of reading, writing,¬†arithmetic, and orgies.

“I’m glad they are learning useful skills for the future,” said one district parent. “Let’s face it,these are the leaders of our orgies in the future, so we need to get them on the right track early.”

The class, which was held at the teacher’s house after school, is not one required for graduation, but has garnered strong interest for a follow-up course from other students at the school. Several students have recommended teachers that they feel should head up the next class.

“I can think of a couple of teachers, that new counselor, and some students that I definitely think should take the class,” said one senior.

For extra credit, one of the students filmed the classroom activities to, perhaps to serve as an educational video for his peers.

“What can I say, I love to learn,” said the student.