TCU Implodes Hot Dog Cart to Make Way for New, Deluxe Hot Dog Cart

Hot Dog Cart

FORT WORTH, TX – Shortly after the Amon Carter football stadium implosion, TCU administrative officials moved on to other targets for razing yesterday. Their first target was the implosion of a hot dog cart that has stood for decades near student lecture halls to be replaced by a new, deluxe hot dog cart.

TCU Hot Dog Cart
Before and After: Old Eyesore Cart Imploding vs. New Cutting-Edge Cart

The implosion took place around 8 A.M. yesterday, and the blast could be heard throughout the corridor.

“I was in my dorm room, I could see the cart from my window.  But, it was pretty old. It looked like it fell over as much as imploded,” said TCU freshman Lynette Gordon. “Also, it had wheels. They imploded something that could have been pushed to the dump by an old man.”

Having served students between classes and before countless athletic events since 1979, the loss of the old frankfurter cart is bittersweet for long-time alumni and faculty.  School officials, however, believed a new deluxe cart was in order to attract a the next classes of prospective students in the future. The gleaming new cart features room for an extra 20 dogs, a bun warmer, and a rack that can hold more condiments that ever.

The new features were not lost on the cart’s operator, Jesse Bannister. “I’m thinking of adding sauerkraut,” he said.

“I wish they would pay me above minimum wage instead of buying this damn new cart though,” added Bannister.

School officials were left with more explosives than needed from the stadium project, leading to the development of new targets for demolition.  School officials have also considered using the explosives for imploding other campus structures, or for “funny pranks.”