Tournament Teams Collude to Have Mindy’s Bracket Win Office Pool

NCAA Tournament Bracket

HOUSTON, TX – All players and coaches in this year’s NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament have agreed to a predetermined outcome for every game in order to match the results to the selections made by local resident Mindy Henderson. Henderson, an administrator at a medical supply firm, filled out her bracket last week to compete in an annual office pool.

College Basketball Teams Collude for Mindy
Players from several teams get a laugh out of how Pete will react to finding Mindy in 1st place after the first week

The teams did this as a way to earn Mindy a little more respect around the office, and also to stick it to her coworker, office jerk Pete Downing. Mindy, who has never won the office pool, always has to hear from two-time winner Pete about how well is doing.

“I’m tired of Pete’s whole shtick – no one is impressed with you, dude,” said Jordan Hamilton, forward from Texas. ¬†“Besides, Mindy could use that pot of money – it’s like $80 at least.”

While Mindy’s entry into the pool took her only a few minutes of randomly selecting teams, those picks were followed¬†to a tee for the first two rounds by the players, with more rounds upcoming. While everyone was happy to help Mindy, not all of the players were satisfied with her selections.

“I can’t believe that Mindy had us losing in the first round,” said Mark Lyons of Xavier. “I just wish I could ask her why.”

Other players whose teams didn’t advance to the next round kept focused on the goal.

“I really wanted to win our game,” said Texas A & M guard B.J. Holmes. “But we all win when Mindy wins.”