Old Man Hicks Busted Haunting Ballpark in Arlington

Tom Hicks Ghost

ARLINGTON, TX – The mystery of ghosts spotted at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington has been unraveled. After many claims by building workers and fans of the stadium being haunted, investigation resulted in uncovering the so-called ghost, identified as none other than former Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks.

Tom Hicks haunts the Texas Rangers Ballpark
Hicks’ sheet ghost costume proved surprisingly effective

The discovery was made by a group of four teenagers and their dog. While the teens were themselves frightened by the ghosts, eventually they ended up foiling the rouse and unmasking Mr Hicks. As a reward, the teenagers asked only for snacks for their dog.

Reports of the ghost started after Hicks sold the Rangers and continued throughout the offseason.

“That explains a lot,” said parking lot attendant Melissa Cartwright of the news. “Even after he sold the team I’d see Mr. Hicks park and a few minutes later I’d see this Hicks-sized ghost walking past.”

Mr. Hicks’ motives apparently stemmed from a plan to convince new Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg that the stadium was haunted in hopes he would sell it back to him at a reduced price.

“I’m not through trying to get the team back,” said Hicks of the incident. “My next plan is to convince him that the whole place needs to be fumigated for fleas. As soon as he leaves, I’m locking him out.”