DFW Residents Looking Forward to Seeing Pictures of DFW During Super Bowl

Superbowl on TV

ARLINGTON, TX – Local residents expecting to tune in to the upcoming Super Bowl are looking forward to more than the game itself. Many residents are also excited about the possibility of seeing local landmarks being shown during the game.

DFW Residents Looking Forward to Seeing DFW During Super Bowl
Local family loves to see local places on TV

“It would be really cool to see the downtown Dallas skyline on the big screen,” said Mark Shores of Richardson. “I haven’t seen it since leaving work yesterday.”

Arlington residents are hoping to hear a mention of Six Flags or the Ballpark in Arlington.

“That would be awesome if Six Flags got a shout out nationwide. Or maybe a longhorn shot. the rest of the country needs to know we have longhorns,” said Lilly Crowe of Hurst.