Chicken Express Opens in the Middle of Line at New In-N-Out Burger

Chicken Express at In-N-Out

DALLAS, TX – Following the opening of In-N-Out Burger’s first Dallas¬†restaurant on Thursday, Chicken Express announced that it had opened a restaurant in the In-N-Out waiting line.

Chicken Express Opening in Line at In-N-Out Burger
Overindulgence in tea leads many waiting customers to seriously debate soiling themselves to keep from losing their place in line

Several local residents planning to visit the In-N-Out on opening day were excited about the news.

“I went to the last opening, and I got really hungry waiting. I should have known to bring something to eat while I waited for my fast food,” said Chris Helms of Frisco.

Restaurant manager Karen Porter explained the concept behind the new Chicken Express location.

“Basically, the customers wait in line a while and pick up something to eat from us, and then a few hours later they wash that down with their damn precious In-N-Out burgers.”

Chicken Express is also looking into the In-N-Out model to create some of their own buzz. One rumored change is the addition of a secret menu, allowing patrons to order “secret” items, such as:

  1. Shitload of Chicken Tenders
  2. Super-Sized Shitload of Chicken Tenders
  3. Super-Sized Shitload of Chicken Tenders with Super-Sized “Bladder ‘Splodder” Sweet Tea

Other businesses are also sizing up the opportunities for customers waiting at In-N-Out. Apple, for one, is considering launching the next iPhone at In-N-Out by packaging them with burger combo meals.