Dallas, Fort Worth Citizens Looking Forward to Not Voting for Mayor Again in Runoff


DALLAS, TX – With the mayoral election results in both Dallas and Fort Worth races forcing runoff elections set for June, thousands of citizens in both cities will have another chance to not vote again.

Dallas & Ft. Worth look forward to missing election
Dallas and Fort Worth residents knocked out their to-do lists, except for mowing

Many citizens either had no interest in voting, forgot, or were completely unaware that the elections were happening. Regardless of why they didn’t vote, the majority of people are looking forward to not voting again.

“Getting to not vote twice in a month is a rare treat,” said Billy Morgan of Fort Worth. “I mean, the chance to not vote for mayor only comes around every…oh, I dunno, 15 years? I actually have no idea.”

In addition to not voting for mayor, most residents did not know the names of the outgoing mayors, and were also looking forward to not knowing the name of the new mayors as well.

“Come to think of it, I didn’t vote for mayor, city council, or school board, so I was really able to blow off a lot all at once,” said Dallas non-voter Brittany White. “I did vote for where we went drinking that night though. We ended up at Gilley’s; I lost that one.”

“As I figured, everything worked out. I didn’t vote, and the election still took place. They didn’t even need me.”