Troy Aikman Pulls Out of Marriage Due to Torn ACL

Troy Aikman Injured

DALLAS, TX – After a solid start, Troy Aikman has suddenly pulled out of his marriage to wife Rhonda Aikman due to a recent injury suffered by the Dallas Cowboys legend. Early signs point to a torn anterior cruciate ligament for Aikman, severe injury which will require a long rehabilitation process.

Troy Aikman Divorce Due to Injury
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The injury occurred during a dinner out at an Italian restaurant with friends. The evening had been going well by all reports, with lively conversation and excellent food. Aikman had been in top form, charming and entertaining the guests seemingly with ease. During the retelling an anecdote from his early playing days, Aikman suddenly pulled up in pain, wincing and grabbing his leg. As Aikman fell to the floor, Rhonda called the trainers over immediately.

Fellow Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith, who was among the dinner guests, said things were not the same after the injury. “All the wind went out of our sails after Troy went down. We lost our momentum.”

After the injury, Aikman tried making small talk about the cold weather, but it was obvious that he couldn’t go on. With Aikman out, backup quarterback Babe Lafenberg may be looked to as a replacement.