Troy Aikman “Dislikes” DFWian Story

Troy Aikman Typing

DALLAS, TX – NFL broadcaster and hall of fame quarterback Troy Aikman is no fan of DFWian’s most recent story. Upon seeing the story “Troy Aikman Pulls Out of Marriage Due to Torn ACL”, he immediately updated his Facebook status to tell friends he disliked the story. When he could not find a “Dislike” button, he made sure to include a frowny face emoticon to reflect his displeasure.

Troy Aikman dislikes DFWian story
Aikman composing a negative reaction on Twitter

Before the story, Aikman had been a huge fan of the site. “If there’s one thing I like, it’s satirical news jokes,” said Aikman. “In fact, I had just been telling fellow football legends Jimmy Johnson and Michael Irvin how much I enjoy the site.

“But this new joke is just not funny.”

DFWian editors do not plan to retract the story, but are hopeful that Aikman will return to the site again.