Mavs Game Delayed As Broom Used to Retrieve Stuck Ball

DALLAS, TX – Dallas Mavericks’ fans were left with little to cheer for when their most recent game included a 20 minute mid-game delay. The delay occurred when the basketball was lodged between the goal and the backboard. After some tense moments of waiting, a broom was found which players were able to use to poke the ball free.

Dallas Mavericks Retrieve Stuck Basketball
Broom helps resolve nearly impossible situation

“My first thought was, ‘oh no, what are we going to do?” said Mavericks star player Dirk Nowitzki.

“But then I remembered we had that broom.  It was like, duh.”

Once the decision had been made to use a broom, the American Airlines Center janitor, Carl Lindy was sent to track one down. After sorting through the cleaning supply closet, Lindy came through for the fans with a sturdy broom in a few minutes. Some thought has been given to keeping the broom at the foul line to ensure it can be found quicker in the event it is needed again.

While it is a rare happening, it has occurred before where a ball becomes wedged against the backboard after a shot and stuck. In a 1949 contest between the Minneapolis Lakers and the Syracuse Nationals, a game was delayed for 12 days while a local engineer built a gasoline-powered grappling hook which could be launched at the ball to knock it down.

“The delay was bad timing for us.  We really had momentum after a couple of high-flying dunks from our big guys. Nothing you can do about a situation like that though,” commented Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.