Perry Calls for Prayers for Rain, $27 Billion Acounting Error

Rick Perry Accounting Error

AUSTIN, TX – Amid extreme drought, Governor Rick Perry has called on Texans to offer prayers for rain, as well as a $27 billion accounting error. The rain is much needed for crops and combating wildfires, and the accounting error would erase the state’s budget shortfall.

Rick Perry Asks Texans to Pray for Accounting Error
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“We could really use some big event to fix this big deficit problem. So I’m asking for the people of Texas to pray for an accounting error to make the whole issue just go away,” said Perry. “Oh, and rain – that, too.”

State officials said whether the accounting error is the correction of a previous error, or if a new error is made to artificially erase the shortfall is irrelevant.

“However it works out is fine. Like the ‘bank error in your favor’ from Monopoly. But instead of $200 it’s $27 billion,” said Perry.

“Maybe one of the number crunchers realizes he put a decimal in the wrong spot. ‘Did I say $27 billion? I meant $2.70′ sort of thing. I’ll cover $2.70 myself.”

This is the first time Perry has called on Texans to pray since last year, when he called for prayers for awesome tickets to the Hall and Oates’ show in Austin.