“Survivor” Accidentally Uncovers the Whereabouts of Mythical Football Coach Island

After centuries of searching by archeologists, the legendary Football Coach Island has been discovered.  Previously believed to be perhaps only a mythical land, the discovery confirms that Football Coach Island is in an actual atoll in the Pacific ocean.

Jimmy Johnson
Former Dallas Cowboys head coach and island native Jimmy Johnson

The discovery was made by the production crew of the reality TV show “Survivor.” Scouting for the newest season’s location, the crew landed on the shores of the uncharted island and quickly discovered the island’s true identity.  The island’s native inhabitants were quickly in the faces of the crew, loudly ordering them to do large numbers of push-ups and wind sprints.  The crew was told repeatedly how they were out of shape and undisciplined.

Archeologists and historians later confirmed the islands identity by a number of tale-tell signs. Ancient markings of X’s, O’s and arrows were found in long-abandoned caves.  Digs at the oldest sites unturned crudely football-shaped items made of animal hides and even tools such as a stone whistle.

The production  crew intended to leave the island in it’s natural state after filming a season of Survivor.