Oklahoma High School Transfer Declared Ineligible for High School Spanish Club

SOUTHLAKE, TX – Transfer student Rich Garcia has been ruled ineligble for Spanish Club, according to the Texas governing board for extracurricular activities. Garcia transferred from an Oklahoma high school to a North Texas high school and intended to join the Spanish Club, one of the top clubs in the state.

Rich dons a sombrero
Garcia displays his support for the Spanish language

After learning that the transfer was done for the purpose of joining the Spanish Club, known as “Los Burritos Supremos,” the board not to allow Garcia to attend any of the six planned after school meetings, or to submit a dish for the school’s foreign language cook-off.

For Los Burritos Supremos, the decision is a heartbreaking one.  With the loss of graduate Deb Moore and her winning beef nacho recipe, the group was in desperate need for some new talent.   Garcia is rumored to have made an excellent hot sauce at his previous school.

Garcia is now mulling other options, including chess club and working after school for his uncle.