Fort Worth Resident Still Using Appearance in “Logan’s Run” as Claim to Fame

FORT WORTH, TX – A brief appearance in “Logan’s Run” as an extra has given local waitress Dee Johnson more boasting than could have ever been anticipated. Johnson continues to use the bit performance as her claim to fame 35 years after the movie debuted.

Fort Worth's Water Garden
Johnson often hangs around the Fort Worth Water Gardens in hopes of striking up a conversation about the film

Johnson is known to work mentions of the appearance in to just about any situation. Customers sitting in her section of the restaurant Johnson has served lunch at for decades are almost certain to hear a reference to the episode.

“She’s kind of an artist at finding a connection to any conversation,” said fellow waitress Erin Greenwood. “Some guy will ask if he can substitute green beans for fries, and that will somehow lead into how they just don’t make movies that resonate like ‘Logan’s Run’ anymore.”

With her brief appearance now decades in the past though, the story doesn’t play as well as it used to.

“Most of time now I overhear her trying to explain what ‘Logan’s Run’ was to some group of teenagers,” said one cook. “We even used to have a dish named after the movie because of her, but that just made people think that it gave you the runs.”

“I just wish something noteworthy would happen to her so we can finally hear a new story for God’s sake.”