Councilman Joel Burns’ Follow-Up to Anti-Bullying Speech Fails to Go Viral

FORT WORTH, TX – City councilman Joel Burns’ hugely viral speech on teen bullying of gay students was followed up with one that was simply ignored by the national media. He chose to respond to his success from the previous meeting with a procedural request in the following city council meeting to delay a change in zoning laws.

Joel Burns

The emotional speech on the difficulties realities of many gay teens was picked up by dozens of national news media outlets, and was shared widely on the internet.  Television shows from CNN, the Today Show, Ellen DeGeneres and others interviewed Burns in coverage of the story.  None have called to discuss the zoning motion.

“I posted it on YouTube just like the other one, and zip.  So far it has about a million less views,”  said Burns, who is mystified by the lack of national attention.  “I’m gonna give it another week.”

Burns is unsure of the topic he will address in the next city council meeting, but feels he has a “hot one” about bicycle safety.