Romo Wedding Marred By Sack During Exchange of Vows

DALLAS, TX – The marriage of Tony Romo and Candice Crawford got off to an unsteady start as Romo was ferociously sacked during their wedding vows. The sack came unexpectedly as a defensive end for the New York Giants rushed around the wedding party to take down Romo.

Romo wedding marred by sack
Despite extensive drilling during rehearsal, Romo’s best men left the defensive end unblocked

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin thought the play was big for his team.

“We scouted the rehearsal and knew just when the most opportune time would be,” said Coughlin.

“To me, Coach Garrett needed to call a different play there,” said Romo’s frustrated best man. “I thought that was the perfect time for a deep sideline pass or maybe a unity candle.”

While Romo wasn’t happy about the results, he says he’s moving forward.

“It’s all just part of a wedding,” said Romo. “We’ve still got lots of time left on the clock to turn things around and put together a really solid marriage.”

The bride, Candice Crawford, for her part largely enjoyed the wedding.

“My only regret was inviting the Giants defensive line,” said Crawford. “I didn’t even really want to, but you know, family obligations.”

Those in attendance left satisfied as well.

“Everything was very lovely,” said one woman in attendance. “Arlington Hall was an excellent location. Even the giant scoreboard they installed was tastefully done.”

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  1. I heard Jerry Jones walked up to the alter halfway into the wedding and replaced the priest with a deacon. Then he grabbed the collection box and ran out the door.

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